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Public finance essay paper essay writing competition 2011 uk

Public finance essay paper

Researches in public finance have clarified the effects of tax policies that are neither originally intended nor easily observable.

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Terms of use M. They may be viewed from this source for any purpose, but reproduction or distribution in any format is prohibited without written permission. See provided URL for inquiries about permission. Metadata Show full item record. Abstract This thesis consists of three distinct essays in public finance economics. In the first I use the presence of minority candidates on the ballot to test two implications of the spatial theory of voting. I find, contrary to theoretical predictions, that the magnitude and types of voters who come out to the polls is responsive to the race of the candidate on the ballot.

While both black and white voters turn out in greater numbers when there is a black on the ballot, the whites who are propelled to the polls are more often Republican than not. I use this shift in the electorate caused by the racial mix of the candidates as a test of candidate responsiveness, a second implication of the spatial theory. I find evidence in support of this prediction.

In Chapter 2 I seek to understand why thirty-five to forty-five percent of low-income American households do not possess a bank account I demonstrate that the low-income household's banking decision responds to the price of savings accounts, particularly their minimum balance requirements. Despite this, I show that government banking regulation to this point has been ineffective in connecting households to transaction accounts.

On the other hand, regulation of the fringe banking market has proved more successful. One approach to covering the uninsured that is frequently advocated by policy makers is subsidizing the employee portion of employer-provided health insurance premiums. In Chapter 3, joint with Jonathan Gruber, we study an example of such subsidies: the introduction of pre-tax premiums for postal employees in , and then for the remaining federal employees in We find that there is a very small elasticity of insurance takeup with respect to its after-tax price, and a modest elasticity of plan choice.

In the modern era, quantitative easing QE is an unconventional type of monetary policy used by the Federal Reserve to respond to the deep recession. Randall, the impact of conducting QE on interest rates is lower long term yields when compared to the short term ones. This is because a government-controlled pension fund would not face the competitive pressure and legal obligation to make investments solely for the economic benefit of future retirees.

Secondly, Dole does not say that he needs to cut spending in "small" areas such as Medicare, student loans, defense spending and social security. Professor Alan Aurbach, of the Universit The worst case scenario would be that he looses the support of his supply-siders, which would not make much difference because he has not gotten that much more than grief from them anyway. In short, it is a tragedy that Dole has sold his soul to win the election, and now he won't end up with either.

This is mainly based on the argument that individual utility is driven by their own consumption and also from the level of utility of future generations. For additional literature on the subject of intergenerational altruism, see Andreoni , Altig and Davis , and Michel et al.

Despite the above streams, authors such as Fincke and Greiner , Haugh and Collignon , argue that up to a certain point government debt is be Additionally, in a study using Sweden as an example, Bengtsson and Scott argue that due to the change in age structure the welfare will be confronted with challenges regarding financing benefits at their current levels. Weinman determines risk free rate quite similar to previous researcher, however, operates with different notions.

Thus, according to Weinman, risk free rate implies the rate without the credit and market risk. While the former corresponds the absence of the default risk to investors, the latter signifies the absence of fluctuation of the securities price. Having considered the definition of risk free rate, the work can be turned now to the question of which assets should be accepted to provide this kind of rate.

Short-term Treasury bills are t Treasury securities continue to be risk-free for the time being, but if the situation does not change with the sovereign debt towards the improvement, the movements of the investors and the market in general is unpredictable. The theory here is that by determining what the multiplier is and then accor Keynes disregards the power money, however, I think money is an important thing to consider.

Monetarist explanation of enough money in the economy for employment and the purchase all goods is more sensible than having high quantity of money in the economy that only raises the price of goods and services leaving people with devalue currency. We develop a simple model to stress that dollarization implies the loss of independent monetary policy, yet the significance of such losses can only be evaluated in conjunction with assumptions about the policymaking process. If the government is benevolent and has no credibility problems, dollarization causes a fall in welfare, which can be measured.

However, outcomes are rather different if credibility is absent and dollarization can serve as a commitment device: the welfare impact of dollarization is ambiguous. We also evaluate other implications of dollarization, such as those related to last resort lending and financial stability. The views of savings and investments was stressed in this debate: Keynes opposing the neoclassical economic idea of increased savings being equal to increased spending.

According to the classical idea banks act as a financial intermediary, a middle man who transfers the funds from people who save and those who need to spend. This would cause no net loss in the circular flow model of an economy. With the rising risk of bank failures throughout Europe Ewing, New York Times investors may not believe banks are the safest place for their assets. Home Page Public Finance. Public Finance Better Essays. Open Document. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. To free itself - for a while - from the limits set by reality, the government initiates a credit con game on a scale which the private manipulator could not dream of.

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No full-text available. Request Full-text Paper PDF. To read the full-text of this research. Essays in Public Finance. Tatiana Damjanovic In this paper, I design a model with a clever tax avoidance provider, who maximizes a profit by setting the. Author(s): Miyoshi, Yoshiyuki | Advisor(s): Gordon, Roger H | Abstract: Researches in public finance have clarified the effects of tax policies that are.